K-ID CARD Child safety program

How many times have you thought about your child's safety? No matter how careful we are as parents, thousands of children disappear every year in the United States. It is critical for parents to be able to provide accurate and detailed information to the authorities if their child is missing. Forward Computers has designed a photo id card to help us to be organized and ready in case of an emergency. This high quality identification card includes a digitalized photo of your child along with detailed information, important phone numbers and pertinent health concerns. These cards are intended to be carried by both parents, guardians, caregivers, or other close relatives. It may also be beneficial to be given to babysitters and daycare providers. Forward Computers guarantees that any information submitted will be kept confidential. Forward Computers recommend to keep the K-ID CARD updated and current. Our goal is to contribute to a safe community for our children.

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